[ city biking ]

remember that one time we went biking in DC? thanks to a crazy good deal of a groupon that my husband snatched and a perfect summer day, this day was pretty much unforgettable. but since i tend to forget even the unforgettable events in my life, i blog. :)

Obviously we don’t commute to work in DC, cause traveling¬†on¬†the Metro is still a thrill to us, ha.

to¬†be honest, i felt a little like royalty as we coasted past all the weary walkers¬†on the streets of DC. not sure if a walk through¬†this city¬†will ever be the same now, with the knowledge that¬†there’s a more pleasant way to get from place to place.

confession. i had the cutest tour guide in the whole city :)

if only¬†you could’ve seen¬†the¬†creation of these 2 photos below, i’m pretty sure you’d giggle like i do every time you saw them.¬†i’m pretty sure i even saw Lincoln¬†crack a smile as he sat there watching us.

ok, so if you go bike riding in DC, make sure to take the Rock Creek trails!
pure relaxing.

pictured: a perfect little couple taking a rest at Starbucks.
not pictured: me, 10 minutes before, almost passed out on the pavement, stuffing granola bars, half an apple, and a fruit roll-up into me because my blood sugar had dropped waaaay too fast.
guess that wasn’t really a picture-perfect moment, ha.

made it all the way up to the zoo!
oh, and along with the other 100 people squished up to the glass, I GOT TO SEE A LIVE PANDA for the first time. :)

our more serious bike rider selves.

ok, this shot portrays the majority of our¬†ride, but¬†my concern of being flattened took more precedence than my desire to get cool photos…so this is the only one.
i do so wish i had a shot of that time a¬†double decker bus¬†was attacking me on the little exit ramp though. only slightly intense. (!!!!!!!) that’s when we decided to use side roads. ¬†:)

whoever invented camera self timers must’ve been married.
thank you. a million times over.

such¬†a fun day.¬†now i’m hitting up the Goodwills, Craigslist, and Yard sales…
i see 2 bikes of our own in the near future. :)

[ new life ]

i love new life. maybe because it’s so obvious that it is of God.
so intricate, so miraculous, so beautiful.
a little while ago, i was able to visit some friends, and got to see lots of little new lives — lambs!

we arrived just minutes after this little one was born….
he was still gettin’ all cleaned up :)



i guess little lambs mean a lot to me, because that’s what the name Rachel actually means! “little lamb”
i’ve always imagined myself being God’s little lamb…because so often i find myself helplessly relying on his strength, depending on his guidance and protection, and yes, i feel like he’s had to break my little leg several times in life to teach me to stay right by his side.
what a neat day i had with these ladies.
and how thankful i am for new life!

[ p.s. i love you ]

have you ever run across those people, that never actually do any of the pinterest ideas they so heartily pin? ahem. yep, guilty here.
this one looked so¬†easy though, so i took 5¬†minutes and actually completed one of my pins! only, since i’m a musician, i gave it my own little twist…
frame-2frame-3just a couple¬†snips out of an old Mozart mass that i rescued¬†out of the music¬†library’s “free” box¬†during grad¬†school…¬†
frame-6 frame-5
cut out in in the area to fit a 4 X 6 frame…
frame-8 frame-and a little dry erase marker to¬†write the darlin’¬†special messages. :)
( yay for 5 minute pinterest ideas! )

[ the pitts’ pets ]

no shedding, no need to feed, no upkeep of any kind, no noise…we have finally found the perfect pets! ¬†this adorable little couple¬†hung out with us the other evening, so we claimed them as our honorary pets.¬†for about 20 minutes, haha. :)¬†Duck-5
ironically the men share the same coloring…green on top, khaki on bottom. the ladies aren’t too far off either. (noticing that just kinda made my night, haha.) photo credit: lindsey lefort who happened to be walking by our house at the moment. thanks girlie. :) ¬†¬†Duck-2
don’t judge. we keep the lovely dandelions in our yard just for such an occasion as a spring photoshoot. for ducks. ;)
Duck-6“look left hon, i mean, look right.”¬†Duck-7
come back soon, little ones! y’all made us smile.¬†