[ blizzard of ’16 ]

my first blizzard! snowed in with the love of my life… ūüėä let’s do it all again.

[ vintage silhouettes ]

where every good diy project begins, goodwill. :) find yourself a frame or two, whichever size you wish.
take a sideways mug shot of yourself against a white wall. (i prefer hair up for girls Рadds more interest) open the photo on your computer and zoom in or out till what you see on your screen is the exact size you want on your wall. take a piece of paper, and trace away.  
fill in the rest of the silhouette, and freehand any changes you need to make it look more like you. :)

once you’ve traced the outline of your profile, finish it off with a little taper, to complete the silhouette. make a copy of your head (in case you get a little scissor happy)¬†then carefully cut out your profile.
trace your profile onto a piece of material. this was just a scrap of something i had, a stiff linen-muslin type of material.
veeeeery carefully, fill it in. take as long as you need, cause you can’t really fix anything¬†with black paint.¬†
frame and mount.
now you can feel just a bit historically famous with your silhouette up on the wall…or use it¬†as a reminder to¬†thank God each day for putting that little head in your life!

[ the pitts go north ]

remember that scene from anne of green gables, when anne and diana are standing on the red cliffs of prince edward island, looking off into the distance with their hair blowing in the wind? been there, done that. (!!)
in case you haven’t seen it already, here’s the¬†“trailer” version of our trip.
[ day 1 ]
[ washington d.c.   >   detroit, mi   >   boston, ma   >   fredericton, canada ]
thanks to my generous¬†uncle’s¬†wedding present of¬†2 delta buddy passes, and obliging in-laws who rose at¬†3 am to convey¬†us to the airport, our trip began.
when we reached our layover in detroit (because for one member of our party, anything that happens before 8am is a blur), we proceeded to ride a little red bullet train back and forth through the terminal, use a coupon for a free oatmeal, and share our faith with a friendly lady in the comfy waiting area.
welcome to boston! it’s hot and a muggy here, but they have a pretty sweet subway system. from the airport, we made our way¬†to the other side of town, where we met our little charcoal sedan.¬†poor thing. little did it know it’d¬†chug over 2000 miles¬†this week.
a little clip of the traveling…please enjoy the cheesy music. :)

[ day 2 ]
[ fredericton, canada  >  shediac, new brunswick  >  prince edward island ]
it’s our first time in canada! and everything is very…canadian.
which basically means, there’s a french translation on everything, a tim horton’s coffee shop on every corner, and guys in kilts playing bagpipes in the town square.
yepppp, our trip to canada would not be complete without this.

there was no question. we had to stop in shediac, canada.
really, how often¬†do you get to see the¬†WORLD’S LARGEST LOBSTER?!!!!!
(aaand,¬†i needed the bathroom, or as they call it, the “washroom”)


our first stop in prince edward island is¬†the little town of victoria. for the¬†first seafood meal of the trip, we’re eating flounder at¬†a quaint restaurant on the¬†dock, and watching a storm come in over the water.¬†

[ day 3 ]
[ prince edward island ]
in planning this trip, we each jotted down 3 personal desires for our idea of a fun vacation. our conclusion:
he likes venturing off to new places, exploring towns and cities, and finding good food! she loves finding pretty (& romantic!) spots, soaking up the atmosphere, and all things natural.
one desire was identical though Рquality time with their best friend.
needless to say, today¬†is¬†her¬†idea of a perfect day… :)

“they walked out of the prettiest¬†little inn, sauntered through the tall grasses, climbed down a steep red cliff to a soft sandy shore, soaked up the loveliest fresh air, lounged on the warm¬†rocks,¬†sang worship hymns in harmony, collected the smoothest¬†stones as souvenirs, and tasted cool pure water from a natural spring.
can you say, perfection?” ¬†(end lucy maud montgomery impersonation)

this afternoon, we visited east point¬†lighthouse. i’m convinced the folks who actually used to live in lighthouses¬†had the most toned calves in the world.


[ day 4 ]
[ prince edward island ]
welcome to our little home in prince edward island, johnson shore inn.
sunrise photos courtesy of me, on 4.5 hours of sleep.
thankful no one caught me in my checkered pj pants, hooded jacket tackily zipped up all the way, and untied tennis shoes.
i did go back to bed.

but reeeeally, it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

and of course, because the real reason you go to prince edward island, is to vist green gables, right?! and least us and all the asian tourists thought so.

“lovers lane.” ¬†*cue sappy music*
yeah, maybe more people would¬†be able to write like lucy maud montgomery if they roamed this kind of land¬†all the time…

behold, the¬†stomach-hurting-back-pain-feelin’-weak-gotta-eat-headache look. unfortunately your chronic issues don’t¬†get the memo to take a vacation for the week, but hey, what better place to¬†feel lousy than prince edward island, lol.
seriously though, i’m convinced that¬†pain is a part of life. for every person. whether physical, emotional, circumstantial, financial… ¬†it’s what brings us to dependency on a Savior. it’s what makes His love so evident. i guess choosing to find the beauty through the pain of life is¬†the challenge for me…
a family’s home during the winter – turned into a restaurant during the summer! i think¬†we dined¬†upstairs in the master bedroom and ate one of the chickens from the backyard. absolutely delicious and so awfully cute.

sometime a wrong turn leads you down a little dirt road covered with the loveliest queen anne’s lace…where of course you¬†must get out and revel for a moment…

[ day 5 & 6]
[ prince edward island  >  st. john, canada  > st. stephen, canada ]
goodbye little pei. it was heavenly, but we shall probably never see you again…
mostly because your confederation bridge toll was a whoppin’ $41.¬†seriously?
today is a good day though. because somehow we randomly stopped in the little town of st. stephen…on the last day of their annual chocolate festival…10 minutes before the parade started!¬†so we joined in the festivities, eating thai food and sipping lemonade.

boston-3we also stumbled upon the coolest antique/junk shop in belfast, maine.
it was the most. random. place. I’ve. ever. seen. and utterly overwhelming…
i wanted it all…but i restrained myself. all¬†i came away with was¬†a vintage shovel handle, ha.

[ day 7 ]
[ freeport, me  >  portland, me  >  providence, ri ]
today we did a little more dignified shopping at the cool outlets in freeport, maine.
did you know that’s where L.L.Bean originated?
hands down, portland headlight is the most picturesque lighthouse in all of maine.
and apparently i was really obsessed with the rocks.

don’t worry, the famous¬†lobster roll did make an appearance while we were in maine.

we even got to see our adorable little nephew who was on vacation in rhode island! and his most amazing parents, of course. 

we even got to go kayaking the morning we were there…and had a most random encounter with a couple of feisty goats!

[ day 8 ]
[ providence, ri  >  boston, ma ]
back to boston today,¬†home of the famous mike’s pastry!

thanks to elementary poetry memory,¬†we broke out in unison with,¬†“listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere…” when we arrived at the old north church.

and we laughed when we saw this. it just sounds slightly¬†familiar…

piers park is a little trek, but oh, that skyline. just sit and soak it up.
couldn’t have been a prettier sunset tonight, either..

[ day 9 ]
[ boston, ma  >  cincinnati, oh  >  fredericksburg, va ]
it’s the final day on our trip. the city is¬†so sad we¬†must¬†leave, it’s crying.
we have no umbrella and are too proud to wear a poncho.
but we both want to ride on the ferry to see the famous ship, the constitution
we are officially drenched.

there you have it, our trip in a nutshell. it really was a blessing to be able to go.
i think our desire to travel is satisfied, for a bit. :)
and maybe it’s the whole spending all day, every day with a person, but somehow we came back more in love than¬†when we left.¬†

[ city biking ]

remember that one time we went biking in DC? thanks to a crazy good deal of a groupon that my husband snatched and a perfect summer day, this day was pretty much unforgettable. but since i tend to forget even the unforgettable events in my life, i blog. :)

Obviously we don’t commute to work in DC, cause traveling¬†on¬†the Metro is still a thrill to us, ha.

to¬†be honest, i felt a little like royalty as we coasted past all the weary walkers¬†on the streets of DC. not sure if a walk through¬†this city¬†will ever be the same now, with the knowledge that¬†there’s a more pleasant way to get from place to place.

confession. i had the cutest tour guide in the whole city :)

if only¬†you could’ve seen¬†the¬†creation of these 2 photos below, i’m pretty sure you’d giggle like i do every time you saw them.¬†i’m pretty sure i even saw Lincoln¬†crack a smile as he sat there watching us.

ok, so if you go bike riding in DC, make sure to take the Rock Creek trails!
pure relaxing.

pictured: a perfect little couple taking a rest at Starbucks.
not pictured: me, 10 minutes before, almost passed out on the pavement, stuffing granola bars, half an apple, and a fruit roll-up into me because my blood sugar had dropped waaaay too fast.
guess that wasn’t really a picture-perfect moment, ha.

made it all the way up to the zoo!
oh, and along with the other 100 people squished up to the glass, I GOT TO SEE A LIVE PANDA for the first time. :)

our more serious bike rider selves.

ok, this shot portrays the majority of our¬†ride, but¬†my concern of being flattened took more precedence than my desire to get cool photos…so this is the only one.
i do so wish i had a shot of that time a¬†double decker bus¬†was attacking me on the little exit ramp though. only slightly intense. (!!!!!!!) that’s when we decided to use side roads. ¬†:)

whoever invented camera self timers must’ve been married.
thank you. a million times over.

such¬†a fun day.¬†now i’m hitting up the Goodwills, Craigslist, and Yard sales…
i see 2 bikes of our own in the near future. :)

[ new life ]

i love new life. maybe because it’s so obvious that it is of God.
so intricate, so miraculous, so beautiful.
a little while ago, i was able to visit some friends, and got to see lots of little new lives — lambs!

we arrived just minutes after this little one was born….
he was still gettin’ all cleaned up :)



i guess little lambs mean a lot to me, because that’s what the name Rachel actually means! “little lamb”
i’ve always imagined myself being God’s little lamb…because so often i find myself helplessly relying on his strength, depending on his guidance and protection, and yes, i feel like he’s had to break my little leg several times in life to teach me to stay right by his side.
what a neat day i had with these ladies.
and how thankful i am for new life!

[ p.s. i love you ]

have you ever run across those people, that never actually do any of the pinterest ideas they so heartily pin? ahem. yep, guilty here.
this one looked so¬†easy though, so i took 5¬†minutes and actually completed one of my pins! only, since i’m a musician, i gave it my own little twist…
frame-2frame-3just a couple¬†snips out of an old Mozart mass that i rescued¬†out of the music¬†library’s “free” box¬†during grad¬†school…¬†
frame-6 frame-5
cut out in in the area to fit a 4 X 6 frame…
frame-8 frame-and a little dry erase marker to¬†write the darlin’¬†special messages. :)
( yay for 5 minute pinterest ideas! )

[ the pitts’ pets ]

no shedding, no need to feed, no upkeep of any kind, no noise…we have finally found the perfect pets! ¬†this adorable little couple¬†hung out with us the other evening, so we claimed them as our honorary pets.¬†for about 20 minutes, haha. :)¬†Duck-5
ironically the men share the same coloring…green on top, khaki on bottom. the ladies aren’t too far off either. (noticing that just kinda made my night, haha.) photo credit: lindsey lefort who happened to be walking by our house at the moment. thanks girlie. :) ¬†¬†Duck-2
don’t judge. we keep the lovely dandelions in our yard just for such an occasion as a spring photoshoot. for ducks. ;)
Duck-6“look left hon, i mean, look right.”¬†Duck-7
come back soon, little ones! y’all made us smile.¬†