[ our new journey ]

2015 – our first new year as the pitts family! settled into our little home, loving our new ministry, learning more about each other every day…this year is gonna be a good one.
so, in order to remember all our new adventures and share them with caring family and friends from afar, we created this little blog. we shall attempt to write about our life as it is – the normal days, the picture-perfect moments, the challenges, the inspirations, the celebrations. little snippets from the life that our all-knowing and loving God chooses to give to us.
hey, maybe someday we’ll even let you in on a private pitts’ performance. (the after-dinner-and-at-least-half-of-the-dishes-are-done-piano-and-violin-duo-jamming-on-everything-from-beethoven-to-broadway type. :)
so, whether your family or friends, close or far away, visit us anytime via this little blog, and join us on our new journey as the pitts family.
“o sing unto the Lord a new song, for he hath done marvelous things.”
{ James & Rachel }

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