[ a lil’ picnic ]

i believe i’ve been itching to go on a picnic since probably, um, november. and today, with its 75° weather, blue skies, and pleasant breeze was the perfect day to go on our first picnic of the spring!
it was the laid-back, grab chick-fil-a and head down to the river with your best friend kind of picnic.

little signs of spring make me happy. it reveals new life, new beginnings. it proves that God always brings about change. life will always hold new seasons, and each one has its own special beauty. i’m a little partial to the season when little wild violets pop up everywhere.

we each have jobs as far as crossword puzzles go. i state the question, give the number of spaces, and neatly fill it in for him. he gives the answer. we make a great team, ha.
an unfocused little self timer picture.
but then again, i’m pretty much fine with the focus not being on us.
that’s our desire anyway. sure, we have fun takin’ pictures, recording our memories, and sharing them with loved ones. but may the focus always be on our Savior, and on his loveliness.
and in this case, the fresh little purple weeds. :)


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