[ the pitts’ pets ]

no shedding, no need to feed, no upkeep of any kind, no noise…we have finally found the perfect pets!  this adorable little couple hung out with us the other evening, so we claimed them as our honorary pets. for about 20 minutes, haha. :) Duck-5
ironically the men share the same coloring…green on top, khaki on bottom. the ladies aren’t too far off either. (noticing that just kinda made my night, haha.) photo credit: lindsey lefort who happened to be walking by our house at the moment. thanks girlie. :)   Duck-2
don’t judge. we keep the lovely dandelions in our yard just for such an occasion as a spring photoshoot. for ducks. ;)
Duck-6“look left hon, i mean, look right.” Duck-7
come back soon, little ones! y’all made us smile. 

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