[ city biking ]

remember that one time we went biking in DC? thanks to a crazy good deal of a groupon that my husband snatched and a perfect summer day, this day was pretty much unforgettable. but since i tend to forget even the unforgettable events in my life, i blog. :)

Obviously we don’t commute to work in DC, cause traveling on the Metro is still a thrill to us, ha.

to be honest, i felt a little like royalty as we coasted past all the weary walkers on the streets of DC. not sure if a walk through this city will ever be the same now, with the knowledge that there’s a more pleasant way to get from place to place.

confession. i had the cutest tour guide in the whole city :)

if only you could’ve seen the creation of these 2 photos below, i’m pretty sure you’d giggle like i do every time you saw them. i’m pretty sure i even saw Lincoln crack a smile as he sat there watching us.

ok, so if you go bike riding in DC, make sure to take the Rock Creek trails!
pure relaxing.

pictured: a perfect little couple taking a rest at Starbucks.
not pictured: me, 10 minutes before, almost passed out on the pavement, stuffing granola bars, half an apple, and a fruit roll-up into me because my blood sugar had dropped waaaay too fast.
guess that wasn’t really a picture-perfect moment, ha.

made it all the way up to the zoo!
oh, and along with the other 100 people squished up to the glass, I GOT TO SEE A LIVE PANDA for the first time. :)

our more serious bike rider selves.

ok, this shot portrays the majority of our ride, but my concern of being flattened took more precedence than my desire to get cool photos…so this is the only one.
i do so wish i had a shot of that time a double decker bus was attacking me on the little exit ramp though. only slightly intense. (!!!!!!!) that’s when we decided to use side roads.  :)

whoever invented camera self timers must’ve been married.
thank you. a million times over.

such a fun day. now i’m hitting up the Goodwills, Craigslist, and Yard sales…
i see 2 bikes of our own in the near future. :)


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