[ vintage silhouettes ]

where every good diy project begins, goodwill. :) find yourself a frame or two, whichever size you wish.

take a sideways mug shot of yourself against a white wall. (i prefer hair up for girls – adds more interest) open the photo on your computer and zoom in or out till what you see on your screen is the exact size you want on your wall. take a piece of paper, and trace away.  
fill in the rest of the silhouette, and freehand any changes you need to make it look more like you. :)

once you’ve traced the outline of your profile, finish it off with a little taper, to complete the silhouette. make a copy of your head (in case you get a little scissor happy) then carefully cut out your profile.
trace your profile onto a piece of material. this was just a scrap of something i had, a stiff linen-muslin type of material.
veeeeery carefully, fill it in. take as long as you need, cause you can’t really fix anything with black paint. 
frame and mount.
now you can feel just a bit historically famous with your silhouette up on the wall…or use it as a reminder to thank God each day for putting that little head in your life!

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