[ farewell Christmas ]

Christmas was here. and as our first, it was quite special. now the season is over, and away go all the little decorations we collected for our first Christmas. don’t know if i have the heart to put this cute fella away just yet… after all, reindeer do exist all year, right?
untitled-61 untitled-66 untitled-41-2
one of our wedding-reception-table jars. so far, this one’s held candles, petals, ornaments, and receipts. ok, so we like to be able to see our receipts. :)
untitled-40the precious little box that held our wedding rings. now it holds chapstick.
still as precious.
for some, it doesn’t cross their mind that their parents have been collecting ornaments for over 15 years…until their first Christmas.
and then they pull out all 3 ornaments they have, and pitifully hang them on the branches. that’s when little decorative balls you picked up during fall clearance save the day.
the sweet little snowflake ornament i bought in spain. yes, it broke.
after this picture, it broke again.
someday little ones will hang it on the tree, and it will break into 10 more pieces. but it will still have lovely memories attached to it.
for spain, you see, was the place where 2 people fell in love, and…
well, we’ll save that story for another post.
our tree skirt, which just happens to be a hand-me-down skirt from a friend! and Saturday afternoon goodwill stops with the hubby who finds cool little pottery things.
the christmas program at church this year was such a blessing. think i’ll be singing those songs for the rest of 2015. oh, and it’s kinda fun being in choir when you’re head over heels for the choir director. so thankful to God for the amazing gift of His Son – may we not forget that all year long!
{photo credit: David Goosman}
christmas program 2014 christmas program 2014-2
Christmas with the family down in GA!
yes, i asked for my favorite childhood game, chutes and ladders. :)
{ photo credit: my cool brother, John }
and of course…the {epic} yearly family pictures!
Christmas-22 Christmas-23 Christmas-21the most dear family one could ever hope to have. love these people!!Christmas-18
{ it’s always the outtakes that are the best… }Christmas-19 Christmas-16 Christmas-15
this girl. one super special person right here, folks.
oh, and we’d better commemorate our first ugly sweater party, cause, ah, it may never happen again…
(a thank-you to those dear friends who loaned us these lovely ugly sweaters)untitled-23
untitled-41till next year, Christmas!