[ p.s. i love you ]

have you ever run across those people, that never actually do any of the pinterest ideas they so heartily pin? ahem. yep, guilty here.
this one looked so easy though, so i took 5 minutes and actually completed one of my pins! only, since i’m a musician, i gave it my own little twist…
frame-2frame-3just a couple snips out of an old Mozart mass that i rescued out of the music library’s “free” box during grad school… 
frame-6 frame-5
cut out in in the area to fit a 4 X 6 frame…
frame-8 frame-and a little dry erase marker to write the darlin’ special messages. :)
( yay for 5 minute pinterest ideas! )

[ finally pink! ]

it’s april. and we can finally decorate with pink!
tis’ true, i ordinarily have a hopeless obsession for all things neutral.
but when little spools of pink burlap smile at me from fall clearance for about 2 bucks, i can’t resist.

this little project all started when my husband casually mentioned “bout time to take the pinecone wreath down, don’t ya think?” as he walked out the front door and headed back to work after lunch one day.
welp, that did it.
i had wanted to do it, i had thought about doing it, but yeah, changing that wreath never quite made it to the top of the list.
the list all true visionary have.
the list that holds millions of projects that you want to do.
alas, the list that shifts all projects that posses a deadline or are deemed “high priority” to the top to actually get accomplished.
because my sweet husband very rarely asks me to do anything, the moment he casually mentions something, to me,
it. becomes. high. priority.
and, ok, it is march…so the pinecone thing is kinda over, i guess.
so, with a determination to have something different on the door when he came back in a couple of hours, i started scrounging. (if scrounging was a hobby, you bet it’d be on my favorites list.)
this cute little wreath had been given to my husband, and as darling as the little white picket fence was, it didn’t quite fit into my style.
so, off came the pieces, and i had a wreath with which to create.

i snatched some of the greenery from my wedding decorations, and weaved it through the wreath. just love the sprigs of nature that look semi-real, but will actually last. these i got from hobby lobby back in the day.

then the bow. found a cute one on here on pinterest and slightly modified it, cause i’m still a newlywed and don’t own a glue gun, ha.
browsing through the plethora of burlap bows, i liked this particular one because of the quaint little knot in the center.

yes, my modification was, a safety pin.
the plain bow was a little boring to me, so i threw some lace (that i had bought for christmas project that incidentally never made it to the top of the priorities list either) on it.
again, hobby lobby, for a dollar-something.

i just stuffed it into the center and wrapped it around each bow.
and then re-stuffed it in the center.
real professional technique, i know.
recycled one of the wires to attach it to the wreath, and added some twine.
yep, you don’t need to ask. previous project. hobby lobby. with a coupon.

and ta-da. new spring door decor up, before the handsome guy came home!