[ samoa cookies & phone screens ]

it all started at 10:00am. our first Valentines day together. and if there hadn’t been any other lovely things in this day, that right there woulda made it special enough. sleeping ’till 10. ahhh.
so, there’s this little work shed in the woods across from our place that I’ve seen and always admired its little red door. A bit grungy, but kinda Valentinesy. :)
then, there’s this guy. he puts up with my little whims so often…and poses for me to get the camera lighting right…through bitter temperatures and crazy wind…and is a sweet fella to be around…like, pretty much all the time.Valentines-1
Valentines-3i think he kinda likes me, too.
he also takes good pictures of my little braid. side note: i like braids and hope they are always in style. considering they were cool in the pioneer days, i think they always will be. :)
ah yes, the title of this post.
that’s easy. i made him Samoa (girl-scout) cookies because they make him happy. if i were to hashtag in a blog, it would go something like this: #timidbaker #overheatedchocolate #hardtomake #sothat’swhyeveryonemakeschocolatechipcookies.
but you know what? he loved them, even if i physically forced the chocolate onto the cookie instead of drizzling it.
and yep, he got my cracked phone screen replaced. (*hooray!!*) which, ironically neither of us broke. it used to be his, and without mentioning names, we’ll just say that some *ahem* groomsmen…nevermind, it’s fixed now. :)
before we blew away, we went to look at potential new houses…
because ya know, that’s a pretty romantic thing to do.
then thanks to some sweet friends (yay gift-cards), on to Longhorn, where we called ahead, and there was an hour and 45 min. wait. no joke. Valentines-17
so, we passed the time at goodwill, and found a childhood memory to play with. always loved this globe.
can’t call it your 1st Valentines day without a good, romantic…ol’ disney cartoon, haha. (didn’t know if our normal choice – Andy Griffith – was quite romantic enough ;)
still loving all these “firsts.” but have a strange feeling we’ll enjoy the seconds, thirds, etc. too. :) and because you can’t have a Valentine’s Day post without 1 kissing picture. there.

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